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Falcom T-2200 DVB-T2

DVB-T2 Full HD
MPEG4 prijemnik
HDMI (1080P)
USB 2.0, snimanje
Media MKV player

Detailed Product Description

1. Solution:Mstar 7816
2. HD MPEG4 H.264 compliant
3. PVR: with USB HDD
4. Video Resolution: 1920X1080 (1080P)

1. MLStandard DVB-T2/ High Definition MPEG4 AVC/H.264
2. Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion
3. 2000 channels TV and Radio programmable
4. The maximum speed of the traffic flow of at least 50 Mbit
5. 8 different favorite groups selection
6. English German French Portuguese Spanish Italian U_Dutch Danish W_Swedish N_Finnish RUSSIAN Turkish
7. Fully support to 7 days Electronic Program Guide(EPG)
8. JPEG BMP GIF support,Flesh tone extension,Black/White
9. 4/8/16-bit OSD with anti-flickering
10. Channel search in automatic, manual and network search
11. Various channel editing,function(favorite,move,lock,skip,delete,rename,find,sort)
12. Parental control for channels
13. Plug and Play installation, with an ease to use Menu
14. Software upgrades through USB/Cardreader
15. Time set by GMT offset automatic and manual,Summer Time support
16. 5 event timers,off/Once/Daily/Weekly/Monthly Mode
17. Subtitle support
18. VBI insertion for Teletext,CC and WSS
19. Automatic save for last channel
20. Support Logic Channel Number(LCN)
21. Active Antenna Power supply control

! NOVO ! Prvi DVB-T2 Mpeg4 HD prijemnik na hrvatskom tržištu za prijem srpskih RTS programa sa odašiljača Avalskog tornja i Crvenog cota ...

Cijena Karticom : 350,00 kn

Cijena Gotovinom : 329,00 kn